I craft games and stories. And so, I offer freelance game design, writing, and editing, including indexing and consulting. See my pricing here. Feel free to send me a query.

You can download my curriculum vitae to learn more about my skills and career. Below are my publications, my writing portfolio, and several of my awards.

My previous clients have included Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Undead Labs, IDW Publishing, Schwalb Entertainment, and Onyx Path Publishing, among others.


The following are recent projects. You can see a comprehensive list here. I have a much less thorough amazon author page.


I joined the Starfinder RPG team in 2017, on which I was a technical and narrative editor and writer. See the Starfinder site. You can find Starfinder products there or on amazon. Below is a promo video for the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path for which I wrote the script. Paizo senior graphic designer Adam Vick composed the video.


I contributed to playtesting the second edition of the Pathfinder roleplaying game and writing the newest Pathfinder Bestiary. See the Pathfinder site. You can also find Pathfinder products on amazon.


I’ve been a script consultant for Johannes Grenzfurthner on Glossary of Broken Dreams (released on amazon and Vimeo), along with Tycho, Je Suis Auto, and Masking Threshold. Here’s the Glossary trailer by Johannes.

State of Decay 2

I was part of a diverse group of writers who gave voice to characters in the State of Decay 2 video game. Like its popular predecessor, State of Decay 2 is a zombie-survival shooter emphasizing community building and multiple playable characters. You can order it.


I’m pursuing more design and writing for games and film. The following are speculative works along those lines.

Illumination is a film treatment worked up for the Austrian Film Institute. It includes details, an abstract, and the treatment, followed by a script of the first few scenes.

Triskele is a short interactive fiction piece I wrote with the help of my friend and editor, Cal Moore. I did much of the writing and scripting. You can also download it as a choose-your-path ebook for Kindle.

Inner Light is a training-mission script for a hypothetical urban-fantasy game. It’s a spiritual sequel to Triskele, although it makes some assumptions Triskele does not.

Over Here is a script about starting an exploration of life after death.

Dem Bones is a sample Borderlands 2 quest script I cooked up for Gearbox. It has a cutscene intro entitled “Lost!”

Unblooded is a script for a prequel to Skyrim, referencing a tragedy that can be discovered in that game near Ivarstead.

“World Building: Explain a Game” is a blog post on creating a game from a sentence composed of three random elements, including character, goal, and game type.

Liza Beta is a speculative character for Gearbox’s Battleborn shooter.


The following are the most recent awards I or products I’ve worked on received. This list is limited to awards relevant to my contributions.


Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes; editorial assistance; Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game Supplement Fan Favorite


Artist in Residence, November; game design; MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria

Volo’s Guide to Monsters; design and writing; Golden Geek for Best Supplement


Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide; editorial assistance; Judge’s Spotlight ENnie

Volo’s Guide to Monsters; design and writing; New York Times Best Seller


Wizards of the Coast; Gold ENnie for Best Publisher

D&D Player’s Handbook, fifth edition; development; New York Times Best Seller, Gold ENnies for Product of the Year, Best Game, and Best Rules; Silver ENnie for Best Writing; Origins Award for Best RPG, Origins Fan Favorite for Best RPG

D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, fifth edition; development; Gold ENnie for Best Supplement

D&D Monster Manual, fifth edition; design and development; New York Times Best Seller, Gold ENnie for Best Monster product; Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement, Origins Fan Favorite for Best RPG Supplement

D&D Starter Set, fifth edition; development; Gold ENnie for Best Family Game

D&D Basic Rules, fifth edition; development; Gold ENnies for Best Electronic Book and Best Free Product

Triskele; writer and designer; runner-up, Write a Game Challenge


I offer the following rates for freelance work. These rates are negotiable but represent my low end. The actual rate might depend on the publication in question, what you need, how much needs doing, and how quickly you want it done. Please contact me with work queries.


$0.06 per word

My copyediting improves accuracy, grammar, readability, structure, and style. I do all this while maintaining your voice. I use The Chicago Manual of Style and other official works for specific games. I can use your style guide, too.

Technical Editing

$0.08 per word

Technical editing includes copyediting plus developmental editing. We work together to push your prose and game mechanics to their best expression.

I use this rate for indexing. The word count for indexing is the final index word count rather than the word count of the manuscript.

Writing or Game Design

$0.10 per word

I can write or design parts of your publication. I can do both if you like.


My consulting rate is $45 per hour. In this case, the hour is yours, so we can talk about whatever you like.

I use this rate for layout work. I can create excellent layouts and typography for any project, from a pamphlet to a book.