Gen Con 2018 Schedule

Here’s where I’ll be for sure during Gen Con (look for that Paizo booth flooring). I’m free most evenings.

Wednesday, August 1st

5:30 PM              Arrive in Indy

9 PM                   Diana Jones Awards

Thursday, August 2nd

8:30–12             Paizo Booth

2–3                     Starfinder AP Panel

4–6:30                Paizo Booth

Friday, August 3rd

9:30–11             Paizo Booth

12–3                   Paizo Booth

4–6:30                Paizo Booth

Saturday, August 4th

11–3                   Paizo Booth

4–6:30                Paizo Booth

Sunday, August 5th

9:30–12:30         Paizo Booth

2–3                      Designing Planets Panel

Evening              Paizo Booth Teardown and etc.

Monday, August 6th

9:45                     Fly to Seattle (and start staycation)